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More information and links to applications for the Les Best and Patricia Callahan-Castro scholarships. OCSEA members are also eligible through scholarships through AFSCME and Union Plus.

Union Benefits Trust (UBT)

Union Benefits Trust (UBT) offers you healthcare including vision, dental, and life insurance.

Union Education Trust (UET)

Union Education Trust (UET) is where State of Ohio bargaining unit employees go for education assistance.

Retirement (OPERS)

The Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS) was established and is governed by Chapter 145 of the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Rules.

Although its not a union-negotiated benefit, OCSEA members have a strong say in how their pension benefit is managed.

Deferred Compensation

The Ohio Deferred Compensation Program is a supplemental retirement plan that offers all public employees located in the State of Ohio the opportunity to accumulate tax-deferred assets to meet their long-term financial goals and to provide a desirable lifestyle and peace of mind in retirement.

Healthcare (JHCC)

The Joint Health Care Committee (JHCC) is a labor management committee responsible for monitoring all health care benefits—except vision, dental and life.

Counseling (EAP)

The Ohio Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a screening, information, referral and support service for state employees and their family members.

Salary Continuation and OIL

Occupational Injury Leave provides replacement income for employees who are injured by wards of the state, including inmates and individuals living in mental health and mental retardation or Ohio Veterans’ home facilities. Salary Continuation is a new category for non-OIL or non-client related injuries and will compensate employees 100 percent for up to 480 hours.

AFSCME and Union Plus Benefits

Through OCSEA’s affiliation with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, OCSEA members are eligible to participate in the AFSCME Advantage.

AFSCME members are also automatically eligible for Union Plus benefits and discounts on travel, entertainment, insurance and more.