Ohioans gather to say No Rights at Work is wrong

Kudos to the large group of Ohio activists who came out to today’s No Rights at Work event in Ashland to stand up against attacks on workers. Speakers included Richland Correctional Institution OCSEA activist Bob White, who spoke about how eliminating worker voice in the workplace will only lead to a race to the bottom for Ohio families.

Read the We Are Ohio press release:

Press Statement
January 16, 2013

Ohioans Gather to Say No Rights At Work is Wrong

ASHLAND- Teachers, steelworkers, first responders and corrections officers gathered outside the Ashland Justice Center Wednesday to speak out against the No Rights At Work agenda that is an unsafe and unfair attack on working and middle class families.  

Patti Dice, a teacher at Mt. Vernon City Schools who teaches children with disabilities, said, “the signature collection to promote No Rights at Work is an insult to hardworking people.”

Bob White, a corrections sergeant at the Richland Correctional Institution, said, “We need to value the hard work and the people who built our state and nation. If we stand together to protect good paying jobs in our community, like the one that built this the Justice Center building, keep it safe, and educate our children, then you, me and all of us will be stronger.”

Curt Yarger, a steelworker at AK Steel in Mansfield, said No Rights at Work Is unsafe because it intimidates and strips workers of their voice in the workplace.

“Evidence shows that workers in No Rights at Work states are injured and die on the job more often and at alarmingly higher rates. It’s not safe,” Yarger said. “No Rights at Work kills jobs and will weaken our communities.”