Steward Conference 2019

Members Matter!

In a sign of intensifying solidarity among OCSEA ranks, the OCSEA Steward Conference held on June 22 was the largest of its kind since the beginning of the event nearly 20 years ago. Of the nearly 400 activists who attended, more than 30 percent were new leaders, activists and soon-to-be stewards.

This year's OCSEA Steward Conference theme was “Members Matter.” The conference focused on how contract negotiations have a direct impact on stewards and their power to protect their members. Attendees learned all the ins and outs of becoming a steward, handling grievances online, the history of the mediation process, and best practices for new employee orientation.

See below for a list of materials and resources from this year’s conference.


Financial Responsibility of Subordinate Body Funds

Online Steward Training

Grievance Hearings and Conflict Resolution

Mediation Process

Arbitration Committee Process

New Employee Orientation Session and Electronic Sign-up

Video: Leaders Discuss the Future of Labor

Photo gallery