Stewards are the heart of OCSEA, connecting with members and building union power. Workplaces that have effective stewards are better able to involve members and increase member participation.

In chapters that are made up of multiple worksites, Lead Stewards coordinate activity in a specific agency or worksite. They report to the chapter's Chief Steward. (Stewards in each Department of Transportation district will elect an ODOT District Steward.)

Chief Stewards chair the Grievance Review Committee, coordinate activities by Chapter Stewards, see that grievances are properly filed and make sure Chapter Stewards comply with training and education requirements.

Stewards and Lead Stewards are appointed by Chapter Presidents, as outlined in the OCSEA Constitution and Bylaws. Chief Stewards may be elected by the stewards in a chapter, by appointment of the Chapter President or as specified in chapter by-laws.

Training and Certification

OCSEA has enhanced the steward certification process to make it easier for chapters to recruit and retain stewards. 

All stewards must attend at least one training event that awards OCSEA continuing education credit annually to renew their certification.

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Q. How do I become a certified steward?
AStewards are appointed by the chapter president. To be certified a steward must complete basic steward training. Upon completing the basic steward training you will be certified for one calendar year from the date you complete the training.

Q. How do I maintain my steward certification after the one year expires?
AYou must attend one OCSEA continuing education training event each year to maintain certification.

Q. What is an OCSEA continuing education training event?
AListed below are training events delivered by the OCSEA Education Department that qualify for maintaining steward certification in accordance with Board Policy #14:

  • Classes offered by the OCSEA Education Department
  • OCSEA Steward Conference
  • OCSEA Steward Academy
  • New contract training
  • Parliamentary procedures training
  • Labor/management training offered through the Union Education Trust, sponsored by OCSEA
  • Courses offered through OCSEA-sponsored events that are approved by the OCSEA Board of Directors Education Committee