Chapters: Host appreciation events, pass out thank you flier

Posted Dec. 7, 2017 by

Dear union leader: Bargaining of the state contract will begin next Monday, with the state and OCSEA bargaining teams exchanging the majority of non-financial contract proposals on December 11 and 12. But before we hit the bargaining table on Monday, Dec. 11, bargaining team members and activists will spend the morning saying "thank you" to state employee bargaining unit members at work sites throughout Columbus.

We're calling it State Employee Appreciation Day, and we'll be passing out donuts and spreading leaflets about the vital services state employees provide and the importance of a fair contract for these dedicated public servants.

You can help out with this effort by hosting your own State Employee Appreciation events in your workplaces the week of Dec. 11. Help us kick off bargaining in style, whether it's handing out donuts at the office, hosting a thank you lunch or some other appreciation celebration, we urge you to take part.

Download State Employee Appreciation flier.

To show solidarity as we move forward, OCSEA negotiating team members are also asking ALL OCSEA members to wear GREEN every Tuesday over the next months. Members can also sign a pledge and get bargaining alerts at

And finally, I want to say thanks to you. As a union leader, you provide a priceless service to the state members we represent. You give LIFE to the labor movement. Together we can fight for and win a contract with spine!

In solidarity,

Chris Mabe, OCSEA President

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