Joint Health Care Committee updates

Posted Nov. 20, 2018 by

Promedica/Aetna Update for Toledo region

The Ohio Dept. of Administrative Services benefits staff and the Joint Health Care Committee continue to monitor the on-going negotiations between Promedica and Aetna, the state’s third party administrator for healthcare in the Toledo region. Both parties continue to negotiate in an effort to keep Promedica in-network.

Should the parties not be able to come to an agreement, Promedica would be considered out-of-network and, as a result, would be more costly for OCSEA members. JHCC, which is made up of advocates from both the union and the state, is working to gather information on current use of doctors in the Promedica network as well as discussing options for the continuation of care should the parties not be able to come to an agreement.

Dependent Eligibility Verification

Coming to your mailbox soon—information regarding the JHCC-approved Dependent Eligibility Verification. This is a process whereby members must submit verification of all dependents. Verification documentation includes, but is not limited to: marriage certificates and birth certificates. This process will begin in January 2019. Eligibility verification ensures the JHCC is keeping health care costs down by only covering dependents who qualify and is just another way that OCSEA and the JHCC are helping employees be good stewards of their healthcare dollars.