OCSEA applauds Governor's veto of Sunset Review bill

Posted Dec. 27, 2016 by

Westerville – Ohio’s largest state employees union says Governor John Kasich did the right thing by vetoing the Sunset Review bill, Senate Bill 329. The legislation had the potential for “sunsetting” or abolishing entire state agencies if found to not be “useful” or “effective” by a small legislative review committee.

The Ohio Civil Service Employees Association says this veto represents a more common sense approach to the operations of state government. Millions of Ohioans, including the most vulnerable with disabilities, the unemployed, seniors and children, depend on a stable and secure safety net system. These safeguards would have been at risk under this unpredictable review process.

“We appreciate the Governor’s veto and rejection of Senate Bill 329, which would have added a further layer of bureaucracy to state government,” said OCSEA President Chris Mabe.

With a solid budget review process for state agencies already in place, this legislation was unnecessary and cumbersome, said the union. “The veto prevents more government gridlock, which would have interrupted the lives of those who go to school, receive nursing home or long-term care, and depend on safe communities and safe roadways,” said Mabe.

“There are plenty of tools already in place to maintain efficiency in state agencies, and OCSEA union members in state service are on the front line of those endeavors every day,” said Mabe. “Our union members have devoted their lives to public service. Because of their commitment to their jobs and the Ohioans they serve, public employee union members are deeply invested in working with agency heads and managers to improve processes, save money, and ensure taxpayers get the best value for their dollar,” said Mabe.

“Having labor and state employees who perform the work at the table allows for a more open exchange and better outcomes for Ohioans receiving services,” said Mabe.

OCSEA represents approximately 30,000 state and local government employees who work in a wide range of security, regulatory, administrative, direct care, maintenance, customer service and other positions. For more information, contact Sally Meckling, 614-865-2602 or 614-404-3881 (cell).