BREAKING! Download contract Tentative Agreement

Posted Apr. 16, 2018 by

The OCSEA Tentative Agreement is now available for download. This, and the Fact Finding report, will be what OCSEA active state bargaining unit members vote on beginning April 25. Check with your chapter leadership for voting times and locations. The Fact Finding Report is due out at the end of this week.

OCSEA contract negotiations wrapped in late March, and soon OCSEA state bargaining unit members will vote on the tentatively-agreed upon union contract along with the Fact Finding Report. The union bargaining team fought hard to bring wins such as a vacation cash-out and the re-instituting of personal leave in smaller increments. In some cases, contract articles weren't even opened (always a win for workers), and the language was left as is. The Tentative Agreement contains all of those articles that have already been tentatively agreed to by the OCSEA Bargaining Team and the State.

Outstanding issues not agreed on by the two sides, and which a Fact Finder will decide on, are NOT contained in this document. They are: Article 36 – Wages, Article 20 – Health Care, Article 13 – Schedules and Overtime, and Appendix N – Work Area Agreements. The Fact Finding Report is expected to be released on or around April 19 and will also be sent out through state bargaining unit members' state and personal email. Copies of the Fact Findering Report will also be made available at OCSEA's contract roadshows.

When it came down to it, OCSEA was not willing to budge on some of the issues that were of the highest priority to its members. The decisions of the Fact Finder are final and will not be up for further bargaining or appeal.

Active members will vote on the Tentative Agreement and Fact Finding Report as a package at their local contract ratification meetings. Contact local leaders for voting times and locations. To learn more before you vote, go HERE to find a contract roadshow near you.