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Pledge your support for your Bargaining Team: Learn how!

OCSEA's Bargaining Pledge Card Solidarity Drive kicks off next week! This Pledge Card drive will be the first of many ways your OCSEA Bargaining Team, working with the local chapters, will be reaching out to members to build support. Starting next week, every chapter will have enough pledge cards for every member of their chapter to sign one and will be reaching out to you asking for your tried and true support of the OCSEA Bargaining Team!

Every member who signs a card of support will not only help build strength for a strong contract but will also be entered to win prizes weekly!!!

It's your OCSEA Bargaining Team's goal to cover the walls of OCSEA’s Headquarters with the signed pledge card section so when we negotiate in our Union Hall, management will see that our Bargaining Team has the support of the entire OCSEA membership behind them. It’s symbolic, yes. But it’s much more than that. No one can stand on the sidelines. We need everyone involved in this fight.

So, it may start with a Pledge Card Drive, but next time it could be asking everyone to wear a button or sticker or wear an OCSEA t-shirt. Later, we may need members at a rally or a demonstration or to take some other action. This is going to be a contract negotiations like none other.

🏆 Pledge Card Weekly Raffle

Besides building our solidarity, the Pledge Card Drive will give you a chance to win prizes each week.

OCSEA members who sign a pledge card will be entered into a weekly drawing for gift cards, laptops, and other electronic devices. There will be drawings for eight weeks. Two gift cards and an electronic prize will awarded to members EACH WEEK!

The sooner we receive your card, the more chance you have of winning a prize. Members who sign a card will stay in the drawing for the entire length of the raffle campaign or until they win! It is recommended that you sign your pledge card immediately and hand it directly to your chapter leader so they can return it quickly.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact chapter president or contact the Member Resource Center at 888-OCSEA11(627-3211) or

Bargaining To-Do list: Solidarity in action!

The support and involvement of EVERY member is key to building a strong contract. Here's what you can do RIGHT NOW to support your Bargaining Team:

  1. Opt in to State bargaining mobile alerts. Text OCSEA2024 (no spaces) to 237-263.
  2. Sign up for bargaining email updatesSign up HERE. 
  3. Get bargaining updates at
  4. SHARE your support. Update your Facebook and Instagram profile pics to show support for the OCSEA Bargaining Team throughout bargaining. Like and post shareable graphics, stories and reels! Facebook Profile Pic | Facebook Support Post | Facebook Cover Photo | Instagram Profile Pic 
  5. Share your photo. We need images of members in uniform or wearing OCSEA shirts. Contact These will be used in bargaining media campaigns, specifically billboards and social media ads. 
  6. Download the OCSEA Bargaining 2024 Social Media Toolkit HERE. All is included in a ZIP file that you can save to your computer or phone. It includes flyers, logos, shareable graphics and more. 
  7. Update your contact information in your MyOCSEA profile at Want to update over the phone? Call the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 888-OCSEA11 (627-3211).

ICYMI: Get November bulletin board flyers at

Understaffing major factor in DYS news investigation

An eight-month investigation into Ohio’s Department of Youth Services (DYS) and youth detention systems concluded with what OCSEA has been saying for years: Understaffing and lack of strong DYS leadership is at the heart of the increased violence in the youth system.

The Columbus Dispatch, the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Akron Beacon Journal have published a damning report about Ohio’s youth prison and detention centers that shows a pattern of increased assaults and violence on youth and staff. Both fear for their safety, according to the report. Additionally, the investigation showed a lack of transparency on the part of the Department of Youth Services leadership when it came to getting information about what’s going on in state facilities.

According to the newspaper report, “Violent incidents in DYS prisons rose by nearly 60% between 2020 and 2022.” That tracks with what OCSEA DYS members have been seeing on the grounds. OCSEA will continue to talk to stakeholders and hold the DeWine administration’s feet to the fire as the task force begins to meet. “We will not rest, until we see a positive change,” said OCSEA President Chris Mabe. Read the full story here at

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Kick off the holiday season with member discounts

Looking for some fun over the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend and into December? Check out the OCSEA Extras discounts and perks program for member-only deals for events and attractions around Ohio. This includes three zoo winter festival discounts and reduced rate tickets to King's Island Winterfest celebration.


Now through November 17, OCSEA members can get HALF-PRICE tickets to the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium Wildlights! The tickets are valid any operating day November 17, 2023-January 7, 2024. Children under 3 are free. Go to for the deal.


  • Kings Island Winterfest
  • Cincinnati Zoo Festival of Lights
  • Toledo Zoo Lights Before Christmas

ODOT members nail it with innovation, skill

There’s no better display of good, efficient and innovative government than the summer showcase called Team Up ODOT. There, the creativity and skill of OCSEA ODOT members is on full display.

From drones for mapping and air support, to mechanisms that keep employees safe on the road, OCSEA ODOT members are clearly thinking outside of the box. They stay on top of technological advances like the rest of us go to the store: it’s a habit and they do it just about every day.

This year Davey Christman, a Highway Technician 2 from District 10 in Southern Ohio, showed off the innovative HIVE, which stands for Hydraulic Inspection Vehicle Explorer. The tiny vehicle allows HTs like Davey inspect areas, like culverts, more easily and efficiently. He explained the vehicle can get into places humans simply can’t: “The HIVE has helped us identify obstructions….if you can see it with the plain eye that’s fine, but sometimes that’s not possible,” he explained.

OCSEA members were also on hand at TeamUp showing off their incredible skill in heavy equipment operating in the RODEO competition. Top winners were Dana Missler, ODOT District 2 (Truck) and Joel White, ODOT District 5 (Loader).

To read the full magazine article on some incredible ODOT employees, go to pages 8-9: