Not too late to stop GOP tax scam on working people

Posted Dec. 6, 2017 by

This holiday season extreme congressional legislators are "thanking" working families by giving away huge corporate tax breaks at the expense of working people. It’s like Robin Hood….but in reverse. The GOP Tax Scam will raise taxes on 87 million working families and give trillions away in the form of tax breaks on things like private jets and rewards for shipping jobs overseas to the mega-rich and corporations. But it’s not too late to stop them!

Call your member of Congress to tell them every American should pay their fair share. Let them know that making life easier for giant corporations and the super-rich at our expense is wrong! Download a talking-points flier here and make that call at 1-866-957-9069.

A national March for Tax Justice will see rallies taking place around the country, including one in Columbus on Dec. 9 at the Statehouse from noon to 2 p.m. Go here to RSVP on Facebook.